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Wealth Management

Coordinating your investment, tax and estate plans to help you achieve your personal goals is the core of wealth management.

Your Contango advisor works with you to develop your overall financial plan and integrate it with the development, implementation and management of your portfolio. Drawing upon the resources of our wealth-management team, your advisor will explore with you such issues as:

  • The level of risk that is appropriate and with which you are comfortable.
  • The return you must target to accomplish your objectives.
  • The level of current income you require.
  • The tax implications of your proposed portfolio holdings.
  • The scope of diversification appropriate to your situation and goals.
  • Whether you should consider establishing a trust appropriate to your circumstances.
  • Whether any existing trusts are fully meeting your needs.

Integrated wealth management is particularly important to high-net-worth individuals, who often are involved in relatively complex financial and legal issues, and have a greater need for alternative investments, risk management, and tax and estate planning. Learn More