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Private Business Financial Strategies

Developing the right transition strategy for you, and for your business, is no easy task.

We established Private Business Financial Strategies to help you assess the choices available to you, determine their effect on the profitability of your business, examine their impact on your cash flow – and help you understand how those choices ripple through to your finances and those of your family.

Too often, business owners wait until a change in control is already well under way before they fully consider the implications. By working with you early in the process, we can help you with key decisions, including:

  • Whether you want to sell all or part of your business
  • How best to prepare your business for sale or reorganization
  • The most advantageous way to structure the transaction
  • How to invest the proceeds

By developing models that reflect your personal financial objectives and looking at the various strategic alternatives available to you, we can deliver the information, insight and analysis you need to understand the potential outcomes of different decisions.

We can help you define and resolve the issues you need to address now rather than later.